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Thank you, Jack Chiles,

for the photos below.

June 8: Bird Census Results

The good news is that we did not have to contend with the rain this morning. The lake is over part of the pad roads but the main road is still open and the low water crossing on Bennett is still passable if you have a vehicle with high clearance but be sure and don't take any chances. We did not see any unusual birds today, only the usual summer breeding birds and a few non-breeders including 3 American White Pelicans. There are lots of Canada Geese spread out over the refuge with a count of 145 today. We only heard one Prothonotary Warbler. We did see one mature Bald Eagle sitting in a tree across the lake from Sandy Point. Buntings were present in good numbers. We saw a couple of male Painted Buntings displaying for females. We finally saw a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Hummingbird numbers seem to be very low this year. We finished the day with 64 species. Photos opportunities were few today. Today's photo is a female Dickcissel, one of our local breeding birds.

Female Dickcissel

Snowy Egret
  Female Dickcissel         Snowy Egret

June 1: Bird Census Results

The first bird census of June started out on an unseasonably cool cloudy day. The lake is rising threatening to cover the main road. Several of the pad roads are already closed and the low water crossing on Bennett was barely passable for the van. Most everywhere you look there is water. We did not see a single shorebird and only heard a single Killdeer. We saw a pair of Wood Ducks up close at Deaver Pond and also saw several Red-headed Woodpeckers there as well as a Barred Owl. Buntings were abundant and were singing at many locations. We heard 2 singing Eastern Wood-Pewees. Cliff Swallows were abundant and we also saw a couple of Tree Swallows, a Cave Swallow and some Barn Swallows. We finished the day with 12 Eastern Bluebirds including at least 6 young bluebirds which is encouraging after losing so many to the severe cold this winter. . We saw a Green Heron at Meadow Pond and a couple more on the west side of the refuge. All of the birds we saw today were birds that breed here in the spring and summer. We finished the day with 70 species. Today's photos, Tree Swallow, White-eyed Vireo, Blue Grosbeak, Wood Ducks, Mallard family, Canada Geese.

Tree Swallow

White Eyed Vireo
Blue Grosbeck
Blue Grosbeak
  Tree Swallow        White-eyed Vireo       Blue Grosbeak

Wood ducks

Mallard Family

Canada Geese

  Wood Duck           Mallard Family          Canada Geese

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