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The Featherless Flyer Newsletterlier

The Featherless Flyer is distributed once a month, and contains all kinds of information relevant to the refuge.  Please send me the flyer!  

September, 2023 Featherless Flyer

August, 2023 Featherless Flyer

  • This month's feature story is The Mississippi Kite – The Graceful Gray Raptor: a fascinating article and photos by Laurie Sheppard.
  • See how the Eastern Bluebirds are doing this year with a report of our 48 monitored Bluebird houses. Watch for our year-long summary in the September edition.
  • Don't miss Second Saturday on August 12th: Kim Snipes' Prehistoric Grayson County Presented by Wayne Meyer
  • Need a fun activity for the kids (in the air conditioning)? Hop On Over to the Frog Pond for a craft with Puddles, by Cindy Steele
  • New! Intermediate and Advanced Junior Ranger workbooks! Work through the program then come to the Visitor Center to recite a pledge and recieve your official Junior Ranger badge.
  • The Little Sit is every First Saturday, photographers and Sunrise Watchers welcome.
  • Come, take a Tram Tour of the refuge! Groups of 6 to 8 May Request a Special Tour.
  • See the results of the latest Refuge Bird Census, including all of Jack's field notes.

July, 2023 Featherless Flyer

June, 2023 Featherless Flyer
  • Read about the World's First Record of a White-eyed Vireo X Black-capped Vireo Hybrid.  Found by Laurie Lawler.
  • Let's Go Fishin'! Join us for a free Special Fishing Event Saturday, June 10th at 10:00 AM, at the Pond on Refuge Road
  • Wanted: Chinese Privet sightings.  Please let Refuge Manager Kathy Whaley know if you see this invasive plant.
  • Don't miss Second Saturday on June 10th: Alligator Research on Lake Texoma with Tim Patton Saturday, June 10, 2023  at 10:00 AM in the Visitor Center.
  • It's not too late to register for the free, day-long program offered by the Master Naturalists: Nature Ology. For kids 10-11 years old
  • The Little Sit is Saturday, June 3rd: Birders, Photographers and Sunrise Watchers Welcome.
  • See how the Eastern Bluebirds are doing this year with a report of our 48 monitored Bluebird houses.
  • The Photo Club is going on a Field Trip to Tishomingo! Free and open to the public.
  • The Weather is Perfect for a Tram Tour!  New: Groups of 6 to 8 May Request a Special Tour.
  • See the results of the latest Refuge Bird Census, including all of Jack's field notes.

May, 2023 Featherless Flyer

    April, 2023 Featherless Flyer
    • Teachers: Plan Your Free Hagerman NWR Field Trip today! Apply online!
    • The Butterfly Garden Docents are Back!  Enjoy a guided walk through the garden or join the docents.
    • The Photo Club is taking a Field Trip to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, for excellent photo opportunities.
    •  The Refuge Rocks:  Nature Journals for Little Explorers, registration required online.
    • Enjoy a Hippity Hoppity Craft in Puddles' Craft Corner
    • Second Saturday: Hummingbirds with Dr. Wayne Meyer.  Jack Chiles will be leading an Early Birdwalk before the well-timed Second Saturday presentation.
    • "Crazy Trio" Photo by Bert Garcia
    • The Weather is Perfect for a Tram Tour!  New: Groups of 6 to 8 May Request a Special Tour.

      March, 2023 Featherless Flyer
      • Could your children spend 1,000 outside? Read about this healthy challenge.
      • Swamp and Vesper sparrows are featured in the last piece in our Sparrow Series
      • Would you like to know more about the accomplishments of the Friends of Hagerman?  The Annual meeting is March 19, 2023

        February, 2023 Featherless Flyer 
        • Find out what you may encounter while visiting Hagerman in our feature piece "Strange Things in the Woods" By Kathy Whaley, Refuge Manager
        • The date for the Annual Meeting has been set, the public is invited
        • Learn about ongoing refuge improvements
        • The Friends are sponsoring 13 family-friendly events in February, come on out!

          January, 2023 Featherless Flyer  
          • Learn about the many species of sparrows that visit our area in our second article about them
          • The next Little Sit is this Saturday, January 7th at 7:00AM at H-Pad, details within
          • Our Refuge Manager Kathy Whaley will be presenting our annual Second Saturday session about the Eastern Bluebird
          • Jack Chiles will be leading a bird walk before Second Saturday on January 14th

          December, 2022 Featherless Flyer  
          • Don't miss the Little Sit this Saturday! 
          • Learn about the many species of sparrows in our first in a series of articles about them.
          • Check out the amazing winning photos of the 2022 Nature Photo Contest
          • See some of the items the Nature Nook has ready for your Christmas Shopping
          • Adopt-A-Nest boxes are on sale now!  Always an appreciated gift!

          November, 2022

          • Is it legal to collect firewood at the refuge?  Find out in our article entitled: Firewood and Foraging in the Fall
          • Learn about the impact of food waste on the environment, and what you can do to help
          • Nestboxes go up for adoption on December 1st
          • The Friends of Hagerman NWR announce a new self-guided activity at the refuge: Virtual Cache Hunting
          • Learn about Painted Buntings at the November Second Saturday on November 12th

          • Join us for the Little Sit, Bird Walks, Tram Tours, Refuge Rocks, a Photo Club Meeting and enjoy a craft with Puddles!

          October, 2022

          Join us for our special event: The Refuge Roundup!
          Saturday, October 8th

          • Native Plant Sale while supplies last!
          • Early Bird Walk with Jack Chiles
          • Second Saturday: Learn about the Game Warden
          • Take a Tram Tour of Wildlife Drive
          • Meet Jordan Foster and his Snakes on the Patio.
          • Go for a Hike led by Ranger Spencer Beard.
          • Enjoy a Butterfly Garden Walk with a Garden Docent
          • Observe the Experts: Monarch Tagging
          • The Kids Will Love a Butterfly Craft with Cindy Steele
          • Giant Bubble Making
          • And much more!!!
          Check out the Schedule of Activities!

          The Friends of Hagerman Online Auction is Here! 
          ...and it isn't on Facebook anymore!

          This is the time of the year that we invite you to support our local Refuge and its programs. Projects resulting in our beautiful Butterfly Garden, our popular Wildlife Explorer electric tram, renovations to the Big Mineral Creek Recreation Area, and the Education Pavilion are available, thanks in large part to your donations and financial support.  All monies  raised from the auction will be reinvested in educational opportunities and programs for both children and adults.

          The online auction is a chance for you to contribute while picking up something nice for yourself!  The auction starts October 5th, but please feel free to browse: www.32auctions.com/FOHNWR

          Also in this edition:

          • Enjoy our feature article about the thousands of American White Pelicans migrating through the refuge in October.
          • Make a "Creatures of the Night"  craft with Puddles
          • Who's in Town? Find out which species were recorded in the weekly bird census in Birding with Jack
          • Schedule a tram tour of the refuge aboard the Wildlife Explorer

          September 2022

          Save the Date! Saturday October 8th is the Refuge Roundup!

          • The Big Sit Bird Count
          • Native Plant Sale
          • Earlybird Walk with Jack Chiles
          • Second Saturday Presentation: The Game Warden
          • Snakes on Display!
          • Go for a Hike Led by Ranger Spencer Beard.
          • Enjoy a Butterfly Garden Walk with a Garden Docent
          • Observe the Experts: Monarch Tagging
          • The Kids Will Love a Butterfly Craft with Cindy Steele
          • Many more activities for the family!​


          • The refuge manager, Kathy Whaley, reveals information about Ricky and Lucy, and the nest that was discovered last year.
          • Make a craft with Puddles while learning about Monarch Butterflies
          • Peruse the many events happening this month: The Little Sit bird count, tram tours, a bird walk, presentations, kids activities, a photo club meeting and the photo contest!

          August 2022

          • Get your photos ready!  The 13th Annual Photo Contest begins September 1st!
          • Learn all about Roadrunners in our feature article
          • Time to de-clutter: donate your treasures to support the friends' online auction
          • Teachers: sign up for a fun-filled Hagerman Field trip!

          July 2022

          • Read the true story behind the mysterious Dead Woman Pond. 
          • This Monday, July 4th: Join us at sunrise to watch the birds come to the water at the Little Sit.
          • Calling all teachers: sign your class up for a Hagerman field trip in the fall!
          • Read about our upcoming online auction
          • Enjoy some of the activities this month: a tram tour, Second Saturday: Bats, Refuge Rocks! for the kids, and a photo club meeting.

          June, 2022

          Read an interesting history of Hagerman, including some of the names on the refuge map. In person events are in full swing, including: this Saturday (6/4) at the Refuge, Let's Go Fishin' 10am to Noon, Free for Ages 4 to 18, It is the biggest Refuge Rocks event of the year!  The Little Sit starts at sunrise: visit with expert birders while watching the birds come in to the water. The free day camp: Nature O'logy is back this summer on June 20th! Register by June 13th.

          May, 2022

          You are invited to join us for Spring Fest on May 14th!The day will start at 8 am with Early Birding with Jack, then our first in-person Second Saturday: Wildflowers of North Texas.  We'll have crafts for the kids, Butterfly Garden walks and tram tours.  Enjoy presentations about snakes, wildflowers, migratory birds and the refuge itself!  The event will end late with a Dark Sky Presentation and a look at the night sky.  Details and exact times within.

          April, 2022

          Don't miss the Spring Fest on May 14th!  We'll have activities for the family from 8:00 AM until well after dark!  Details within. Also, Mother's Day in the Butterfly Garden is back!  And we have a new monthly event: The Little Sit!  Find out about all the smoke just North of the refuge on Saturday. 

          March, 2022

          The visitor center is open! Come and see the indoor exhibits, sign up for a tram tour and do some shopping in our Nature Nook.  Join us for our Annual Meeting on March 20, 2022, and enjoy a craft with Puddles.

          February, 2022

          Learn all about an uncommon but interesting visitor to the refuge: the Common Loon. Also, the February Second Saturday presentation is about True Bugs, and have fun making a Cardinal Craft with Puddles!

          January, 2022

          This month's feature article is about the Monarchs For Humanity project: Texas Master Naturalists teamed up with Habitat to Humanity to provide Monarch Way Station butterfly gardens for willing Habitat for Humanity participants.  Also, don't miss our Second Saturday presentation about Eastern Bluebirds.

          December, 2021

          This month, learn all about the ducks that visit the refuge during the winter, including some amazing photos.  Also, the results are it!  See which photographers placed in the photo contest.  Nestboxes go up for adoption on December 1st--they make excellent stocking stuffers! Don't forget to check out Puddles' Corner for a Snow Goose craft, and the Second Saturday for December is a program abouObstacles to Environmental Progress with Peter Schulze.

          November, 2021 

          Meet the new Ranger at the refuge: Spencer Beard.  Find out about the bats in our area, and make a Thanksgiving Turkey craft in Puddles' Corner.  Read about our next Second Saturday presentation about Chickasaw history and culture, and a photo club event.

          October, 2021

          The Friends of Hagerman Online Auction is here!  Help support the Friends while picking up something nice for yourself.  Enjoy our feature piece from Laurie Sheppard entitled  Fall Flowers Are Fabulous! And learn all about bats while making a craft with Puddles.

          September, 2021

          Two interesting presentations in September: the Second Saturday is about the Ecology of Fish in Texoma, and the Photo Club presents Storm Chasing with Anita Oakley.  Learn how to make an Owl in Puddle's Craft Corner, and see pictures of the unusual bird sightings at Hagerman NWR in recent days.

          August 2021

          Construction has begun!  See the progress on the new Education Pavilion.  Find out which part of the refuge is getting new restrooms, make a craft cicada with Puddles, and learn about Lemon Bee Balm.  As always, enjoy Birding with Jack.

          July 2021

          Check out the newest project of the Friends of Hagerman: an education pavilion.  It will be a wonderful place for students on field trips to gather for lessons and activities.  Register for our July Second Saturday Zoom about dragonflies, learn about Wild Indigo plants and how to make a lightning bug as a craft for the kids.

          June 2021

          Enjoy our feature article about how to identify fledglings and juvenile birds. Second Saturday continues online via ZOOM with a presentation entitled, "The Tale of Two Titmice." the Master Naturalists are seeking new members, and don't miss Puddle's Craft Corner for the kids!

          May 2021

          Our new website goes live!  It came together quickly, with lots of amazing photos from local photographers.  Second Saturday continues with a presentation about Turtles, the photo club is presenting a session on Adobe Lightroom software, and the Master Naturalists are seeking new members, and don't miss Puddle's Craft Corner!

          April 2021

          Don't miss this yearly opportunity to join the Texas Master Naturalists! They are accepting applications for their fall class. Register for the April Second Saturday: Butterflies with Laurie Sheppard, and the kids will enjoy our new feature: Puddle's Craft Corner.

          March 2021

          Don't miss Puddle's Craft Corner: our first in a series of articles featuring easy, nature-themed crafts for the kids.  The Plant of the Month is back for the season with Horseherb, and as always, Birding with Jack features his amazing photos.  Also, look over the Deputy Refuge Manager's To-Do List as he seeks volunteers to help spruce up the refuge for spring--there are some great ways to get some fresh air on his list!

          February 2021

          Read a hiker's account of an outing to the Hagerman NWR Nocona Unit.  Learn all about Armadillos and enjoy "Birding with Jack".

          January 2021

          The Friends of Hagerman Present: the winners of the Beginner Division of the 2020 Photo Contest sponsored by the Friends of Hagerman NWR Photo Club.  Also in this edition, follow the interesting story of an attentive mother spider in the Butterfly Garden, complete with exquisite pictures.  Learn how the refuge manages water from the lake to support the ducks, herons, egrets and other shorebirds, and, as always enjoy our Birding with Jack segment to find out which birds are currently visiting the refuge.

          December 2020

          The results are in!  See the amazing winning photos of the Intermediate/Advanced categories of the Photo Club's Fall Photo Contest.  Also, Refuge Manager Kathy Whaley explains how the decision will be made to open the beloved visitor center, and find out what the Texas Water Specialists have been up to at the refuge and how you could join them.

          November 2020

          Find out about the "Habitat for Monarchs" program: an effort of the joined forces of Habitat for Humanity, Grayson County Master Gardeners and Texas Master Naturalists--and how you can join them!  Learn about the Mammals of Grayson County, and go Birding with Jack as he conducts the weekly census. Join us for our ZOOM Second Saturday: Waterfowl with Dr. Wayne Meyer

          October 2020

          Details of our Second Saturday presentation about Bees, and how to join us from the comfort of your own home.  Find out how the Bluebird monitoring team pulled off a successful season despite the pandemic and read our new series about the Mammals of Grayson County.

          September 2020

          Learn how to join the national grassroots, non-profit, community-based, high density precipitation network called CoCoRaHS!  Find out how to attend our ZOOM Second Saturday presentation: Borneo – All the “B” Birds and More; follow the birding adventures of Jack Chiles in Birding with Jack and our 11th annual Photo Contest begins!

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          Events and activities hosted by the Friends of Hagerman are funded by donations and powered solely by volunteers.  There are no fees for admission to the refuge or parking; the refuge is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year, drive on any road unless gated.

          6465 Refuge Road

          Sherman, TX 75092


          Kroger: Stop by the customer service desk at Kroger and link your Kroger Card to the Friends of Hagerman: the Friends will get rewards for every dollar you spend, at no cost to you.

          Please add friendsofhagerman@gmail.com to your contacts to ensure delivery of registration confirmations, account information and the Featherless Flyer

          Special thanks to Nancy Miller for the amazing photo of the Visitor Center 

          See you at the refuge!

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