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Butterfly Viewing Guide

The Butterflies of Hagerman NWR and Grayson County 

Introduction to Butterfly Watching

Weekly on the Wing

During butterfly season (April through November) butterfly sightings will be reported so visitors will know what to look for in our beautiful butterfly garden.  Also, watch for our Butterfly Walk Events  throughout the summer: bring the family to learn about native plants, caterpillars and butterflies from our garden docents.

Butterfly Sighting Reports From 2019:

Beyond the Butterfly Garden

Guides to butterflies that may be found during the following months and where to look for them: 

Red-banded Hairstreak by Laurie Sheppard

American Lady by Laurie Sheppard  

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail by Laurie Sheppard 

Reakirt's Blue By Laurie Sheppard

Garden Docents

Would you like to share your knowledge of butterflies and native plants with children? Email the friendsofhagerman@gmail.com to learn how to become a Garden Docent!

Thank you, Laurie Sheppard, for the photos below.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

American Bumble Bee

Banded Hairstreak

Bell's Roadside-skipper

Brazilian Skipper

Cabbage White

Ceraunus Blue

Checkered White

Common Buckeye

Confused Cloudywing

Dion Skipper

Dorantes Longtail

Dun Skipper

Native Bee

Eastern Comma

Fiery Skipper

Frosted Elfin

Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar

Gulf Fritillary

Hayhurst's Scallopwing

Hoary Edge

Friends of Hagerman NWR

Admission to the refuge, parking and most events/activities are free of charge.

6465 Refuge Road

Sherman, TX 75092

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Special thanks to Nancy Miller for the amazing photo of the Visitor Center 

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