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Puddles' Craft Corner

Learn about nature while making a nature craft with Puddles!

Much more than detailed craft instructions, these activities include information about the creature being made, supply lists and pictures of every step! 

By Cindy Steele  (Bio)

Nothing compares to the quality time experienced while completing a nature craft with a child.

We’re Going Batty!

Are you afraid of bats? Well, did you know that bats are afraid of you? These amazing mammals have long been misunderstood! In fact, bats actually help the environment and people by eating tons of flying insects that destroy crops and spread diseases. Bats also pollinate night flowers, such as cactus, and help spread seeds to create new fruit trees. They’re mysterious, nocturnal hunters who have captured our imaginations for centuries.

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Let's Make an Owl!

Whooooo doesn’t love owls? They’re mysterious, nocturnal hunters who have captured our imaginations for centuries. Owls are beautiful, mysterious, intriguing, fierce, spooky, and cute. If you’ve ever spied this nighttime animal, you know that the owl has big, curious eyes and makes a unique “hoot” sound. Owls are most famous for their wise appearance, because their intelligent eyes glow and they stare so intensely. You may be surprised to learn that owls are very interesting creatures, and there is a lot to learn about their mysterious ways. They do a lot more than just hoot all night long!

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Cicadas: The Humming Sound of Summer!

You just know it’s gonna be a scorcher when you hear the cicadas in the morning. They sound like 90 degrees in August; like sizzling, sticky heat bubbling over and down the tops of the trees around you. They sound like ice cream trucks, lawnmowers, kids playing in the pool, and the clink of ice in a glass of lemonade—cicadas stealthily singing in the backdrop as if they were there all along.

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The Magical World of Fireflies

Most of us remember running outside at dusk with a jar in hand. Even as children, we knew that summer nights become magical when the fireflies flash their brilliant behinds in a spectacular display of lights. With approximately 2,000 firefly species around the world, these night-loving insects can be found near wet and wooded areas all over the world.

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Coffee Filter Butterfly

If you have ever seen a blossoming tree or been in a flower garden, then there is no doubt that you have also seen a butterfly. Butterflies are known for their beautiful colors and unique patterns. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes along with a unique lifecycle. This month, our craft celebrates these beautiful, fluttering, colorful summer visitors. There is just something so amazing about a beautiful, fragile butterfly choosing YOU to land on!

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Mother's Day Flower Pot Craft

This flowerpot painting craft is the perfect way to teach the kids a little bit about plants and pollination while making a beautiful gift. With just a little help, they’ll have a gift for someone to treasure forever. Moms love handmade gifts on Mother’s Day, and this fingerprint flowerpot truly is handmade or at least “finger made”! Kids will have a blast making cute fingerprint critters and mom will enjoy this lasting reminder of her little one’s darling little hands forever.

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Dandelion Poof Painting Craft

Spring is bursting out all over the refuge and we’re here to share a fun nature activity that your kids can do with mostly things found around the house and outside in nature.  This project is guaranteed to get the kids excited about being outside! 

        Let’s join Puddles, the mascot of the National Wildlife Refuge System, to learn a little bit about how seeds are spread while creating a beautiful picture.  A sure sign of spring and summer is those little 

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Ice Cream Cone Bird Feeder

Now is the perfect time to help out our birds as they wait for spring. Your local wild birds will surely thank you for taking the time to make a bird feeder especially for them. It’s a simple craft that is easy and fun for kids of all ages, especially preschoolers.

Although there are tons of different beautiful store-bought bird feeders, it’s so exciting for kids to make their own and find that special tree to hang it on. Their excitement continues as they watch to see when the birds will discover their treat. The kids will love trying to identify the different birds.

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