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Birding with Jack

Thank you, Jack Chiles!

May 25: Bird Census Results

Lake Texoma elevation is rising and some of the pad roads are submerged or soon will be. We felt fortunate being able to go down Wildlife Drive. We did get to see a few shorebirds on some of the pad roads since there are no mudflats. The rain held off early on but picked up as the day went on. We walked the short loop of Harris Creek Trail by the photo blind early on and had a Red-headed Woodpecker land near by and give us plenty of looks. On the back side of the loop returning to the photo blind area we saw a couple of Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, a species that we don't see some years. We also had closeup looks at a pair of Painted Buntings and the female was carrying nesting material. There were still a few Black Terns and Forster's Terns and some Least Terns have arrived. At Deaver we flushed Lucy, the Bald Eagle near the road where she had apparently been eating a fish. When we arrived at Meadow Pond we were surprised to see a pair of Anhingas on the far shore sitting in a dead tree. We saw a good number of buntings, including Painted Buntings, Indigo Buntings and Blue Grosbeaks. On the road to Sandy Point we saw an Olive-sided Flycatcher sitting in the top of a dead tree. We quit early, ending up with 73 species. Today's photos, Red-headed Woodpecker, Painted Bunting and Anhingas.

5/25/21 Photos by Jack Chiles

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Updated on: June 02, 2021

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