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Birding with Jack

Thank you, Jack Chiles,

for the photos below.

April 6: Bird Census Results

Today was a cloudy, windy morning, starting out cool but warming up later in the day. Early on in the day we had a close flyby Peregrine Falcon while we were driving down Wildlife Drive. There were good numbers of shorebirds in Muleshoe and Steedman Marsh. A standout was an early season Marbled Godwit in Steedman Marsh. Pectoral Sandpipers were abundant with a total of 135 for the day. Baird's Sandpiper count was 113. Long-billed Dowitchers were also abundant.. In a field near the far side of Short Road we saw 24 Upland Sandpipers our first of the season. Near Brooke's Farm we saw a Swainson's Hawk sitting in a tree near the road and another one near the end of the road to Meadow Pond. Lucy was sitting on her favorite pole. We found a couple of Wood Ducks on a small pool on the far west side of the refuge. Two of the Cinnamon Teal were still present in Mineral Marsh along with a good variety of ducks including, 14 Redhead. 13 American Wigeon, a Northern Pintail and many Blue-winged Teal. We saw a Broad-winged Hawk at Meadow Pond. We finished the day with 83 species. Today's photos, Swainson's Hawk, Lucy, the Bald Eagle, Marbled Godwit and Marbled Godwit.

Marbled Godwit

Swainson's Hawk

Lucy the Bald Eagle

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