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Birding with Jack

Thank you, Jack Chiles,

for the photos below.

May 04:  Bird Census Results

Today was a partly cloudy day in the 60's with a strong northerly breeze blowing. Following recent rains the lake has risen and there are now no exposed sandbars, resulting in fewer shorebirds. The shorebirds that are present are difficult to see because of the vegetation. The most exciting thing at the refuge now is the large numbers of Bobolinks present. They are in evidence in all of the vetch covered fields. They will probably be here a few more days. Ducks are still present but their numbers are rapidly decreasing. We had 6 Pileated Woodpeckers but only found 1 Red-headed Woodpecker. On the road to Goode we heard a Philadelphia Vireo singing. Near the Harris Creek photo blind we found a Willow Flycatcher and it was calling. We finally got looks at first of  season


Common Yellowthroats. We only saw one Eastern Bluebird. We saw a flock of 21 Yellow-headed Blackbirds and Dickcissels are abundant as usual this time of year. We saw a total of 8 Clay-colored Sparrows making this an unusually good year for that species. Lark Sparrows were abundant with a count of 17. There was a pair of Green Herons at a small pond on Short Road. Black Terns are now at the refuge. We finished the day with 99 species. Photo is of one of the many male Bobolinks now present at the refuge. Best viewed full screen. Thanks for looking.

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